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Mr. Ramesh Makwana

(Software Engineer, Landon, UK)

I could eat only soft food and liquid. I was really frustrated with dentures. Finally I was recommended to Dr. Jigar Gala.

I flew down to mumbai and in my first visit itself i decided to go ahead with dental implants. Now after my entire treatment is over. i'am able to eat everything. the treatment fitted well in my budget and i am very happy with the results.

Mr. Gurcharan singh lotay

(Builder, London)

I was extremely pleased with the professionalism and service that was provided. And would recommend to friends and family. I'am really glad I had my dental treatment in mumbai. India instead of U.K. a reasonable price anyone can afford. Overall totally satisfied with not only my cosmetic look but the functionality of my teeth too. Thanks to the entire team of dental concepts.

Mr. Shailesh Panchal

(Banker, New Jersey, USA)

My Profession demanded a highly esthetics smile. The treatment in US was not at all affordable to me. I was introduced to Dr. Gala by a family friend who has been their patients for more than 25 than 25 years now. After the treatment I can only say Excellent Job. My Complete smile makeover was done in less than 5days In short - Dental Concepts- Highly recommendable and affordable.

Mrs. Poonam Bhudia

(Social Worker, London)

I was very embarrassed to smile earlier. All my teeth were chipped or broken. I was referred to Dental Concepts by an friend who had also been treated By Dr. Gala.

I was given several treatment options to suit by requirements and budget. Its like I have brand new smile now. I keep showing off my smile... You guys are great dentists.

Ms. Yagna Khetia

(University student, kenya)

First of all I would like to thank you guys.
The first two visits were a bit tough but after going through the pain it was truly worth it.

Thank you Dr. Jigar and Dr. Dhimant Gala.
Thank you for giving me a new tooth life.

Mrs. Nargis Ahmad Rawat

(Pharmacist, Mazambique)

I wanted to have implants and cosmetic Makeovers. Job well Done. Proud to smile now. Good luck to junior and senior Dr. Gala wonderful and excellent father son duo. After we got our treatment done.

My entire family has been a regular customer of Dental Concepts. Its More like a family now.

Some of our treated patients from Europe

Narotam Karia - Wembley , UK
Devshi Chothani - Manchester, UK
Bharatbbhai Mehta - London, UK 
Nalinbbhai Thakrar - Moreira, Portugal 
Veljibhai Patel - Middlesex, UK 
Ketan Shah - Middlesex, UK 
Harji Patel - Middlesex, UK 
Hasmukh Hirani - London, UK 
Amarben Patel - London, UK 
Nemchand Shah - London, UK
Pratapbhai Shah - Hertz, UK 
Shantaben Shah - Hertz, UK 
Narayan Hirani - Harrow, UK 
 Hinal Shah - Harrow, UK 
Gulabshi Vithni - Leicester, UK
Vishram Varsani - Wembley, UK
Tarlaben Somaiya - Manchester, UK  
Rajniben Somaiya - Manchester, UK
Kanubhai Kanani - Northants, UK
Ranjanbala kanani - Northants, UK  
Gurcharan Singh - South Harrow, Middlesex, UK  
Chandrakant Shah - East Barnet, UK
Bhimsibhai Herai - London, UK  
Shefali Desai - London, UK
Bhavini Parmar - London, UK  
Kiran Thakrar - London, UK
Mukesh Thakrar - London, UK

Some of our treated patients from Africa

Mulchand Patel - Eldorat, Kenya
Manshukh Patel - Nairobi, Kenya
Sharad Khatwad - Mombasa, Kenya  
Dilipbhai Shah - Nairobi, Kenya  
Vijaybhai Patel - Nairobi, Kenya  
Dr.Suresh Badiani - Kisumu, Kenya
Reena Shah - Kisumu, Kenya
Ahmed Lalji - Mombasa, Kenya  
Jayesh Raja - Nakuru , Kenya
Meena Raja - Nakuru, Kenya
Mahendra Mehta - Nairobi, Kenya   
Chuni Shah - Nairobi, Kenya
Babubhai Hirani - Nairobi, Kenya   
  Harji Sanghani - Nairobi, Kenya  
Harji Raghwani - Nairobi, Kenya
Harih Bhuptani - Uganda, East Africa
Pramilaben Shah - Nairobi, Kenya  
Babubhai Ladwa - Daressalam, Tanzania
Dr. G. C. Rajpal - Daressalam, Tanzania
Praful raja - Nairobi, Kenya  
Nathalal Kevshavji - Nairobi, Kenya  
Ramnikbhai Patel - Mombasa, Kenya
Deepakbhai Shah - Nairobi, Kenya  
Rajubhai Shah - Nairobi, Kenya
Shirin Nurani - Nairobi, Kenya  

Some of our treated patients from USA & Canada

Raksha Gami - California, USA
Ashwinkumar Shah - New York, USA
Heena Gada - New Jersey, USA  
Suman Kapani - Illinois, USA  
Alok Pratihar - New Jersey, USA  
Reena Pratihar - New Jersey, USA
Charn S. Nandra - Ohio, USA
Piyush Maru - California, USA  
Rajul Maru - California, USA
Bhavita Kothari - Toronto, Canada

Some of our treated patients from Asia

Usha Bawlekar - Hongkong
Ganshyambhai - Jakarta, Indonesia
Baskarbhai Gokani - Cecil Court, Singapore  
Surendra Manjrekar - Dubai, UAE  
Hashim Dole - Colombo, Sri Lanka